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About me

Hello! I'm Charlotte Lyng, an illustrator with Norwegian roots that grew up under the Spanish sun.

I´m also a woodcrafter and a big fan of Nature, that inspires me all the time.

I spend my time creating, painting with my watercolors, crafting, taking photos and enjoying the little things in the woods.

I´m very interested in sustainability, animals, permaculture and raw lifestyle.    

#Plantbased #cats #whimsycal #alternative

About my art

​​After working as a freelance illustrator I felt the urge to make my own products where I was involved 100% in producing an object from scratch in a sustainable way. My art has been evolving from paper to wood and I'm always thinking of new ways and new objects I can transform :)

Charlotte Lyng is Eco Friendly. All the papers are FSC certified and the wood is handpicked by me from fallen trees in the forest, or from sustainable pruning in the countryside. I always try to use local manufacturers weather it's in Spain, where I lived before or from Norway, my home.

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