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This is my favorite necklace in my personal collection :)

- Mi colgante favorito hasta ahora de mi colección personal.

#necklace #wood #mushrooms #colgante #handmade

Wow! I haven't carved since last Christmas and I really missed it. Now I can't stop haha 🙃
Any suggestions for necklaces?


I love when the custom order have a back story!

This one is a story about Samantha, who has a friend that is joining the Peace Corps and wanted to give him a necklace with a reminder of where he comes from, Colorado. We chose olive wood as it is very resistant and because olive is a peace icon :)  with a drawing of the Flatirons mountains from where they grew up.
I hope he will like it and I wish him good luck!


New in my etsy shop, a custom animal-pet illustration on pine wood.

-En mi tienda pudes pedir una ilustración personalizada de tu animal-mascota favorito en madera!


One of my favourites ♡ Olive wood.

-Uno de mis favoritos. Madera de olivo.
Photo: @vpaiam


Víctor Paiam did a photoshoot in my studio today :)


Víctor Paiam me hizo una sesión de fotos hoy en el estudio.

 Víctor and I made some new friends in Oslo at the Parkens Grøde, a permaculture urban garden in Sagene. We had a lovely evening there where we met Anne, who is the artist of this wonderfull beehouse in the middle of Oslo city, Sjakkplassen. 
We were very glad to help her with the project of Majobo

 (Open to see more)

On vacations! from the 19th. If you want something fom my Etsy, you have until tonight! I will post it tomorrow 18 ;)


-De vacaciones desde el 19. Si quieres algo de mi tienda tienes hasta esta noche para pedirlo, y se mandará mañana 18 :)


#etsy #shop #charlotteswoodland

 Some examples of custom orders from my etsy and local customers :)


-Algunos ejemplos de encargos personalizados de mis clientes locales y de mi tienda etsy ;)


Just finished one special owl for an 5th aniversary gift (means wood), how sweet :)

-Justo terminé este búho que será un regalo de 5º aniversario (con el elemento madera) :)

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